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Anti Slip Roll Anti Slip Roll Anti Slip Roll
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  Anti Slip Roll

Anti Slip Roll

Anti Slip Roll
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Anti Slip Roll

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Anti Slip Roll (code:PR61660)
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The Tenura range of anti slip products can be built into a system that can be used to maintain independent living for people with impairments to the strength of their grip or limits to mobility.

They are manufactured from 100% silicone rubber which is totally non toxic and safe to use anywhere.

Provides firm grip and hold.
Non-toxic and chemically inert.
Autoclave safe to 250°.
Fully washable and long lasting.

Supplied individually.

  Colour and Size
PR61660/B Blue 1m x 20cm roll
PR61660/R Red 1m x 20cm roll
PR61661/B Blue 1m x 30cm roll
PR61661/R Red 1m x 30cm roll
PR61662/B Blue 2m x 20cm roll
PR61662/R Red 2m x 20cm roll
PR61663/B Blue 2m x 40cm roll
PR61663/R Red 2m x 40cm roll
PR61664/B Blue 9m x 20cm roll
PR61664/R Red 9m x 20cm roll
PR61665/B Blue 9m x 40cm roll
PR61665/R Red 9m x 40cm roll
Anti Slip Roll
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Anti Slip Roll